13 Aug 2007

Austria: "Blue Dome" Unsatisfied

The "Blue Dome", which opened at Lake Wolfgang in mid-2006 (we presented this project to readers in EAP issue 4/2006), has not been able to fulfil its own visitor expectations. Instead of the estimated 100,000 visitors, only 50,000 people came to the facility last year. Due to these disappointing figures, some things have and are still being changed, restructured and expanded on. Shortly after opening last year, the project manager had already resigned. It was also criticised that the fun and playfulness at the facility have had their shortcomings. An ample 600,000 euros are being invested in order to significantly increase the adventure value and fun factor at "Blue Dome". Petri&Tiemann of Hamburg and Kraftwerk of Wels, both very well positioned in the leisure industry, are two of the companies that have been contracted with the re-conversion. (eap)


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