17 Jan 2023

Details Unveiled For New “Jumanji World” at Chessington World of Adventures

Details Unveiled For New “Jumanji World” at Chessington World of Adventures

Mandrill Mayhem will be the first Jumanji-themed rollercoaster worldwide.

As announced by Merlin Entertainments today, the world’s first “Jumanji”-themed coaster, which will open this spring at England’s theme park Chessington World of Adventures (about an hour’s drive southwest of London) as the main attraction of the new “World of Jumanji” theme area, will be called “Mandrill Mayhem”. Guests with a height of 1.20 meters or taller can look forward to a fast-paced adventure through the jungle with the namesake Mandrill monkeys. Following in the footsteps of “Dr. Smolder Bravestone”, the adventurer and archeologist from the popular Jumanji movies, visitors will be able to discover two more rides in the new area – “Mamba Strike” and “Ostrich Stampede”. Additionally, there will be a maze attraction based on the board game from the Jumanji story, as well as new F&B and shop offerings.

Mamba Strike © Courtesy of Merlin Entertainments

Scott O’Neil, CEO of Merlin Entertainments since mid-November 2022, enthusiastically explains: “We look forward to Welcome-ing you to the Jungle this spring, as the amazing World of Jumanji opens at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Families should prepare to be turned upside down… literally, as the first NEW rollercoaster in nearly 20 years at the Resort has a twist, turn and flip that will have you holding on to your seat! This is the Next Level for families wanting to explore the ultimate adventure together.”

Ostrich Stampede © Courtesy of Merlin Entertainments

To round out the Jumanji adventure at the park, guests will soon be able to stay in one of a total of six Jumanji-themed rooms at the Chessington Safari Hotel. (eap)

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