22 Jun 2017

Germany: More Water Fun for Non-Swimmers at Nettebad Osnabrück

Germany’s Nettebad, which is operated by Stadtwerke Osnabrück, today opens its modernized outdoor area for non-swimmers, which during the last five weeks saw several refurbishment measures including the construction of a new pool and the installation of some new water play elements.

Little bathing guests and non-swimmers can now look forward to the new swimming pool, a spray park with five different water spray elements, a large-scale play structure and fresh sand on the playground and the “beach” areas. The original pool for non-swimmers was inaugurated in 1973 and due to increasing investments in its maintenance, the operator decided to build a new, energy-saving pool. “We have decided to build the new pool for non-swimmers in a smaller size than it was before to raise a water spray park directly at its side. In this way we can save around 25 percent of CO2 emissions,” explained Wolfgang Hermle, Head of the bathing complexes. Also, a partly automatized roof is planned to be added to the pool in 2018, so each night it can be covered to avoid a sharp decline of the water’s temperature.

Directly next to the new pool bathing guests find the new, 150 square meter large water spray park with five different water spray elements from Roigk, which can be exchanged easily. This allows Nettebad to frequently refresh its play offerings. Furthermore, the existing play offer has seen a refurbishment and the addition of a large-scale play structure from Moskaubad (also operated by Stadtwerke Osnabrück) which has been moved to Nettebad for more outdoor play fun. In total the investment sum amounts to 300,000 Euros, which – according to Wolfgang Hermle – will be redeemed within the next five years. (eap)

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