27 Nov 2017

Germany: Nettebad Osnabrueck Invites to a 90-Second Spin Cycle

Germany: Nettebad Osnabrueck Invites to a 90-Second Spin Cycle

Stadtwerke-Bäderchef Wolfgang Hermle (li.) und Nettebadleiter Tilo Schölzel präsentieren die Fishpipe im Nettebad.

In addition to its five existing slides, Germany’s Nettebad – located in the city of Osnabrueck – has recently added another attraction to its visitor offer, which promises bathers a powerful spin cycle in a plastic balloon: "Fishpipe" is the name of the invention from New Zealand, the first European installation of which was opened at the Arriba bathing complex in the north of Hamburg and which is distributed in that market by Fishpipe-Europe company (cf. EAP, 5/17). The attraction resembles a balloon in its shape and is held in place by a metal frame. The bath guest enters the ball, which is filled with a total of 50 litres of water, through a closable opening. Afterwards the fishpipe, driven by an electric motor, begins to rotate around its own axis and the sliding fun begins. The speed can be individually defined by the guest, ranging from ten revolutions per minute to a maximum speed of 45 revolutions per minute.

“The Fishpipe attraction is the only one of its kind in Europe until to date. Therefore, we feel proud to be able to offer this extraordinary slide at Nettebad as the second recreational bath featuring this attraction," explained Wolfgang Hermle, CEO of the Osnabrueck bathing complexes, proudly. Tilo Schölzel, Head of Nettebad, added, "Our bathers can look forward to 90 seconds of full action. During the sliding experience, they can individually decide on the speed so rapid phases alternate with calmer sections.” Children up from seven years can try out the fishpipe, which until February 21st, 2018 can be used from Friday to Sunday, and every day during the Christmas holidays. (eap)

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