23 Aug 2023

Great Renovation of Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

Great Renovation of Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

(eap) The hotel at the Cedar Fair-operated Californian theme park Knott’s Berry Farm is currently undergoing major renovations, with upgrades scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. 2024 will mark the first year-round season for the renovated Knott’s Hotel. Several million dollars are being invested in the modernization work, according to the park. All the hotel’s 322 guest rooms are being upgraded, as well as the front desk, lobby, meeting rooms, outdoor courtyard, pool, gift store as well as the hotel restaurant and bar.

© Knott's Berry Farm The country-style rooms are designed to convey a warm feeling and accommodate up to six people in the family room version. Hotel guests will be welcomed in the hotel lobby, which also gets a design with warm and rustic elements. The renovated meeting rooms, which extend over two floors, can be used for conferences as well as for seated dinners with over 300 people in the future. In the hotel restaurant, guests be able to enjoy a new dining concept. Twists on traditional American cuisine will be served here. The 300-degree bar will serve locally inspired craft cocktails and small plates. ■

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