28 Jun 2007

Möser Alp in Fiss (Tyrol) Upgrades With a “Skyswing“

Last year saw the inauguration of the “Fisser Flieger” in the Möser alp, which we covered in detail in issue 5/2006. This summer funpark on a mountain plateau 2,000 metres above sea level is to acquire another attraction in mid-July: Skyswing (Rodlsberger/Input) is a giant swing, which has a radius of 15 metres, making it the largest swing in the Alps. Skyswing accommodates a row of six passengers, lifting them 22 metres up in the air before they free-fall 12 metres. Skyswing pilots accelerate to 65km/h and experience a maximum gravitational force of 4G. The ride lasts for 3 minutes. Around € 400,000 have been invested in the ride. (eap)


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