23 Oct 2023

New Animals at Wildparadies Tripsdrill

New Animals at Wildparadies Tripsdrill

Photo: Courtesy of Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

(eap) Last week, two polar foxes moved into the Tripsdrill theme and animal park located between Stuttgart and Heilbronn (Germany). The park is thus expanding the biodiversity in its 47-hectare near-natural wildlife park. In total, visitors can discover more than 60 animal species in the nature park, which is open all year round. The new residents are housed between the enclosures of the lynxes and red foxes. In nature polar foxes are resident in the arctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America. However, the arctic fox is increasingly on the defensive as the larger and more assertive red fox is expanding its territory northward as a result of climate change, displacing the arctic fox from parts of its habitat.

In addition to the Wildparadies, the associated Tripsdrill amusement park can be visited until November 5, before the winter break starts. ■

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