Issue 1/2019: January/February 2019

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • "Wild Hilda" at Schwaben Park
  • Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando
  • Europabad Karlsruhe Launches New "Tarantula" Slide
  • "Little Finland“: New Non-Nude Sauna at Nettebad
  • Chocoversum by Hachez: The Choccy Side of Hamburg
  • Interview with Stephanie Schaub, GM of Chocoversum
  • interbad 2018: Review of swimming pool, sauna & spa trade fair
  • European Waterpark Association General Meeting
  • Flashback: IAAPA Expo 2018
  • Technology News
Special Feature
| Hyper Hyper

Land of Legends Sets Benchmarks

A little more than two years ago in the Turkish holiday resort of Belek the foundations for The Land of Legends theme park resort were laid with the opening of a water park, a hotel and a shopping mall. The related theme park has also started its operation and guests can now enjoy more than ...

Special Feature
| Waterpark Add-Ons

Water Slides Meet Virtual Reality

What started with high-end PC gamers can now also be found in amusement parks: VR applications. There are many rollercoaster rides which have been enhanced by VR. While in the case of rollercoasters it is comparatively easy to adapt media, the situation is different when it comes to water slides ...

Special Feature
| Hainan

Boom of the Chinese Holiday Island

Welcome to the Hawaii of China! The island that bears this nickname is called Hainan and lies off the south-east coast of the Chinese mainland. Since the Chinese government announced in 2009 that it wanted to develop the island as an international destination and would therefore ...

Special Feature
| Cruise Ships

Leisure Fun on the High Seas

Cruises are popular: In 2017, there were 26.7 million ship passengers worldwide, for 2018, the industry expects a total number of 28 million guests. In our special feature you learn more about the exceptional offers that guests can look forward to on the high seas in terms of attractions ...