Issue 2: March/April 2009

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • 2008 Park Season
  • Lake Neusiedl: Fairytale Park Operator Ready to Invest
  • Tibidabo Opens Rollercoaster
  • Daytripping - Doing it Right!
  • Arena Mare
  • Positive Balance for "Universum" 
  • Factory-Outlet-Centers: A New Wave of Expansion in Europe?
Special Feature
| Ravensburger Kids' Worlds
The blue corner comes to mind when the name Ravensburger is heard. A logo that is immediately asociated with the brand-name image of the well-known toy and puzzle manufacturer. The market leader for children's books, teen literature and puzzles in Europe resp. in the German speaking area is not only ...

Special Feature
| 2008 Park Season
The annual review of the previous season shows that even with a weak start to the season and poor weather, a park that's managed well doesn't necessarily have to fall into debt ...

Special Feature
| Daytripping - Doing it Right!
The fun and leisure-oriented recreational pools have become an economically relevant segment of the leisure and tourism industry. The European Waterpark Association (EWA) assumes that the annual visitor figures for German pools will run into the three-figure million range ...

Special Feature
| Factory Outlet Center
The origins of factory outlet centres come from the US. The first centre was developed there as early as 1974. In the meantime this kind of shopping centre has established itself globally - throughout Asia and South America, as well as in Europe. France and the UK could be called the trailblazers in Europe as there are ...