Issue 2: March/April 2011

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • The 2010 Park Season
  • The New Walibi Universe
  • Thermal Water for Free: Bathing in Iceland
  • Kristall Palm Beach: Through the Galaxy to Mars
  • The Perfect Wave: The Zierer Wave Swinger: A Perennial Hit with Many Faces
  • VDFU General Meeting 2011
Special Feature
| The Zierer Wave Swinger

Die perfekte Welle

"People who like the feeling of butterflies in their stomach just can't resist the wave swinger", one park operator explained to me ...

Special Feature
| The 2010 Park Season

The 2010 Park Season

"We never had worse weather than we had in 2010, so we are looking optimistically to the coming season", summed up Erich Wagner from Erlebnispark Strasswalchen. The Austrian park welcomed more than ten percent ...

Special Feature
| On the Fast Lane with Passion

On the Fast Lane with Passion

EuroAmusement Professional (EAP): Alberto, meeting you and your team always means to see you full of energy and with a lot of new ideas. The list of your current projetcs - about which we've already talked in Rome - was long ...

Special Feature
| Badeparadies Schwarzwald

Badeparadies Schwarzwald

The Wund consortium, based in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is truly on a roll. Its largest project to date and Europe's largest thermal spa, Therme Erding, registered more than 1.5 million visitors last year, representing a doubling of its attendance figures ...