Issue 2: March/April 2012

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Irrlandia - Play Your Way Out of the Maze!
  • 35 Years of Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Cologne's Aqualand with New Slides
  • Slide Renewal at Océade
  • wortreich Bad Hersfeld: In the Beginning was the Word
  • BuGa - Still a Hit or an Obsolete Concept 
  • ErlebnisRegion 2020: A Facelift for the Image and Identity of an Entire Region
Special Feature
| The Next Dimension

The Next Dimension

This Belgian company that develops, markets and integrates interactive entertainment solutions was founded on December 23rd, 2001 by Benoit Cornet, Xavier Marichal and Alok Nandi. A decade has passed since then, a decade in which Alterface ...

Special Feature
| Park Report

Park Report

EuroAmusement Professional asked around and has analyzed all the information for you. We're happy to be able to report that above all the fundamental trend is positive, with growth registered at virtually every park, large and small ...!

Special Feature
| A-maze-ing!


Summer is coming, and with it, the season for field labyrinths and mazes. Corn fields are ideal for this type of adventure. Throughout Germany, there are far more than 50 field labyrinths and mazes year after year, and some of these creations ...

Special Feature
| SeaWorld Parks

SeaWorld Parks

Last year more than 23 million people visited the ten parks owned by the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Group. This represents a positive result for the operators, but they're not resting on their laurels ...