Issue 2/2014: March/April 2014

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • First Rollercoaster forHunderfossen
  • Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Dinosaurs to Conquer Movie Park
  • Start Signal for Disney's AVATAR Land
  • Totally Crazy: Raving Rabbids at Futuroscope
  • KOEZIO - An Indoor Park Concept made in France
  • VfL Wolfsburg Building a New World of Experience
  • New Attraction at Herford's H2O
  • Wet'n'Wild Sydney
  • AquaMagis Expanding into a Leisure Resort
  • Preferably in a Darkride! Questions to John Wood
  • Mall of Istanbul - More Than Shopping!
Special Feature
| Darkrides

They Really Move Us!

Sally founder John Wood was convinced that there was enormous potential for establishing high quality dark rides in amusement parks, so Sally began developing and building dark rides. One of its first projects was the renovation and redesign of ...

Special Feature
| Indoor Worlds

Indoor Sport & Play Worlds

The rising trend of indoor services and faciliteies represents one of the most important and most impressive developments on the recreational facilities market. In addition to the now quite commonplace indoor playgrounds, recent years have witnessed the development of increasingly more products and services for sport and play-oriented experiences ...

Special Feature
| Safe Bathing Fun

Safety Inspections for Bathing Complexes

Recreational and adventure bathing complex operators are tirelessly looking for new service and attraction possibilities to meet the demands of guests and maximize their satisfaction. But it's at least as important to them to offer guests the highest possible level of safety in the operation of the bathing facilities ...

Special Feature
| Park Report 2013/14

Amusement Park Barometer

EuroAmusement Professional asked park operators in Germany and Europe about how business was over the course of the 2013 season, and with few exception the result was unanimous: Last year's bad weather clearly left its mark. Many parks recorded between ...