Issue 5: September/October 2011

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Ruhpolding's "Gipfelstürmer" from Gerstlauer
  • Bavaria Filmstadt: Bully Herbig's World
  • EurothermenResorts Bad Schallerbach: The New Aquapulco
  • First AquaFun Adventure Park from Hartwigsen/Aquarena
  • Theme Park Legends: A talk with Gottlieb Löffelhardt (†2011), founder of Phantasialand
  • Asian Attractions Expo Singapore


Special Feature
| Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

The fun and enjoyment that passengers on the "Battlestar Galactica" dueling coaster experience can be heard and seen by the park's other guests, making this attraction ...

Special Feature
| Water Coaster

Water Coaster

Water rollercoasters, like the name says, represent a mixture of a white water ride and a rollercoaster and have remained a rarity in amusement parks up to now, despite the long ...

Special Feature
| Maus-au-Chocolat


"Maus-au-Chocolat" is just the latest in a series of new attractions at Germany's Phantasialand, all of which hold their own unique appeal: "Wuze Town", "Black Mamba", or the flair of the new Kaiserplatz Square are all special features in ...

Special Feature
| Acquaworld Concorezzo

Acquaworld Concorezzo

July 2011 saw the opening near Milan of Acquaworld Concorezzo, Italy's largest indoor water and wellness park, featuring a 35,000 square meter roofed indoor area ...