Issue 5/2016: September/October 2016

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • Klugheim - The New Theme World at Phantasialand
  • Wildfire - A Wooden Giant at Kolmården Zoo
  • The "Emerald Isle" at Europa-Park
  • The Land of Legends - The Luxurious Theme Park Resort in Antalya
  • O'Gliss Park - The New Whitewater Adventure in France
  • "Snakepit" at Skara Sommarland
  • Harmony of the Seas: Amusement Fun on Board the World's Largest Cruise Ship
  • Zoo News
  • Well prepared? Security in the Age of Terror
  • Visca Barcelona! - EAS 2016 Preview
  • Happy Birthday! 50 Years of interbad
  • EWA Summer Meeting 2016
  • Asian Attractions Expo 2016 Report: Shanghai Breaks All Records!
Special Feature
| The Land of Legends

New Theme Park Resort in Antalya

This past July 1st witnessed the opening of the brand new theme park resort called The Land of Legends in the town of Belek, Turkey, some 40 minutes by car from the center of the metropolis of Antalya. The resort was created at an investment volume of 1 billion US dollars as the brainchild of ...

Special Feature
| Harmony of the Seas

The World's Largest Cruise Ship

It's 362.12 meters long, 66 meters wide and 65 meters high - "Harmony of the Seas", the world's largest cruise ship. It is also one of the most expensive cruise ships ever built. A goliath among giants ...

Special Feature
| Security

Better Safe Than Sorry

Many owners and operators of today's amusement parks, recreational bathing complexes and popular leisure operations and tourism destinations are asking themselves important questions: Are we safe from an attack? Are the protective measures we have in place adequate?

Special Feature
| Klugheim

New Theme World at Phantasialand

Massive boulder formations and black grasses dominate the new theme world that visitors discover once they pass through the thick gates of the entrance into Klugheim. The passion invested by the diverse range of experts who worked with extraordinary dedication to detail on creating ...