News | 21 Aug 2009

Meerbusch: Construction of “Badewelt” Uncertain

There was quite a sensation three years ago when the Wund Group expressed strong interest in the construction of the swimming facility “Badewelt Meerbusch”. This was a 33,000-square-metre large attraction that was supposed to advance to the largest (...) read more

News | 12 Aug 2009

New Eco & Thermal Resort in Hedervar/ Hungary

  A complex Eco & Thermal Resort is to be built for 150 million US dollars in Hedervar, Hungary (approximately 30 kilometres away from the Austrian-Hungarian border in Nickelsdorf). The project is scheduled to be completed by 2012. The one-million (...) read more

News | 27 Jul 2009

Gera: Feasibility Study Presented for Open-Air Bath

  The Thuringian city of Gera has a good chance of getting a new open-air pool at the Hofwiesenbad swimming facility by the time the 2011 swimming season rolls around! Lord Mayor Dr Norbert Vornehm wants to present the city council with a (...) read more

News | 23 Jul 2009

New Branded Park for Spain?

  According to a study done by BBDO Consulting, Real Madrid is the most valuable football club in the world, estimated at 1.06 billion euros. To utilise the club’s potential, its new president, the building contractor Florentino Perez, is planning (...) read more

News | 13 Jul 2009

Disneyland Paris in 3D

  Since late May, Disneyland Paris has been presenting itself on Google Earth with an interactive three-dimensional tour through both amusement parks at its resort. The tours are linked in such that they provide a direct connection to the online (...) read more

News | 02 Jul 2009

Mystery Park Interlaken: Yes, After All… for One Summer

  We recall: Mystery Park, inspired and initiated by Erich von Däniken in Interlaken, Switzerland, had closed its doors in mid-November 2006 due to massive payment difficulties. In December 2007, Stefan Lindner’s and Peter Stähli’s company “New (...) read more

News | 29 Jun 2009

The End of “Weltentor“

  On the 3rd of July, the theme park „Weltentor“ - Middle Ages and fantasy as central theme - should have been opened in Ronneburg (Thuringia). However, three weeks before the scheduled opening, an application for bankruptcy was filed at the (...) read more

News | 26 May 2009

Walsrode Bird Park Saved by Belgian Companies

  The financially ridden north German bird park Vogelpark Walsrode has been saved – at least for the meantime. The Belgian garden centre operator Floralux wants to do some garden work to spruce up the park visually, and plans on making the (...) read more

News | 22 May 2009

Milan/Italy: Gardaland Waterpark Adds New Attraction

The park belonging to the Merlin Group is opening a new half-pipe slide for the 2009 season. The rafting pipe is a 10-meter high classic Sidewinder from Aqua Leisure. The new attraction is a combination wet and dry raft ride that propels riders from (...) read more