30-TGD Hòn Thơm

The vacation islands Phú Quôc and Hòn Thơm in southern Vietnam are linked by a 3S gondola lift which is almost eight kilometers long and sets a world record: At 7,900 meters, the 3S gondola lift by Doppelmayr/Garaventa is the world’s longest tricable ropeway. It connects the two vacation islands Phú Quôc and Hòn Thom, which is home to Sun World Hon Thơm Nature Park, and is a highlight for every visitor. The south of the country was already a popular vacation destination before the ropeway was built. The modern lift installation is making another major contribution toward the development of tourism in Vietnam – on the one hand as part of the infrastructure, on the other as an attraction in its own right. The route of the gondola lift crosses the sea, and the towers – the highest of which rises up 164 meters – were also built on two smaller islands that lie between the two vacation islands. This gives passengers a breathtaking view!