14 Jun 2021

Global Leisure Group Acquires Two-Third of Former ELI Play and Strengthens Position in Central Europe

Malmö/Sweden-based Global Leisure Group acquired two-third of former ELI Play. A total of four European organizations – Playlife Germany, Playlife Slovakia, HPS Play Company (Austria) and Theme Works (Slovakia) – have joined the global supplier of leisure concepts. With the acquisition, the Global Leisure Group further expands its coverage in Central Europe and strengthens its high-quality portfolio of turnkey leisure and play concepts.

“[…] By adding our know-how, experience and wide assortment to their sales-expertise, we are able to provide even better service and support within Central Europe and extend our local sales support throughout that area. That is really important to us,” elaborates Mikael Wettergren, CEO of the Global Leisure Group. Jonathan Herrmann, Managing Director of Playlife Germany, adds, “It is great to officially work together with the Global Leisure Group. We see a lot of potential for the coming years with all the great companies, experienced craftsmen and fantastic concepts around the globe.”

With this acquisition, Global Leisure Group has grown to a number of eleven brands within the leisure, play, adventure, sport, edutainment, water splash, snow play and retail play segments. The group is already exploring opportunities and collaborations outside of Europe. (eap)