23 Jul 2021

UAE: Deep Dive Dubai – New Attraction Site Offers Adventure Diving at Depths at up to 60 Meters

Foto: Reuters The desert metropolis of Dubai is setting records not only in height but also in depth: on July 28th, the new 60-metre-deep indoor diving pool Deep Dive Dubai will open here, offering both beginners and experienced scuba- and free divers an underwater experience in a controlled environment. At first glance, the special thing about this all-new facility seems to be the record depth of 60 meters, which earns the diving pool a Guinness World Record (until now, the Deep Spot diving pool in Poland was considered the deepest pool in the world, c.f. our special article series “Adventure Sports Parks: Diving & Flying” in EAP 2/2021).

At second glance, however, the degree of theming that characterizes the artificially created underwater world is particularly astonishing and exciting. A sunken city in the shape of a modern metropolis stretches across the three levels in the 14 million litre water basin. Divers can discover the desolate streets with lampposts and neon signs, dive through a seemingly abandoned flat or play arcade games or billiards in a bar – all underwater. Several hydrophones are connected to a sound system and play back music and soundscapes, while a lighting concept provides the the appropriate lighting conditions (for cave diving, there are completely dark areas in Deep Dive). A total of 56 cameras have been installed in the pool, which on the one hand will serve the safety of the divers, and on the other hand will also record the personal experience so that the guest can obtain a customized video.

Guests at Deep Dive who do not (yet) dive themselves can watch the underwater action through large panorama windows down to a depth of twelve meters. The facility also integrates its own restaurant. From the outside, the building's shape is reminiscent of an oyster – a deliberate element in the architecture intended to recall the historical tradition of pearl diving in the Emirates. (eap)