29 Jul 2021

German Association of Amusement Machinery & Accessory Manufacturers (VDV) Appeals to IAAPA Officials

Referring to the precarious situation in which the exhibiting VDV association members find themselves, Wieland Schwarzkopf, VDV President, declares: “We are all undoubtedly in a very difficult time for everyone, with great uncertainties worldwide, especially in the events and shows sector – not to mention international travel. All of us in this industry are struggling with extreme conditions to keep our business going. Sometimes we have to adapt to changing conditions on a weekly basis. However, it is precisely for this reason that it is unacceptable that IAAPA seems to not have learned from last year’s mistakes and is once again trying to wait until the very last moment to decide whether or not the IEE in Barcelona (and subsequently also the Expo in Orlando) will actually take place. Although it has been foreseeable for some time ad has been completely clear for a few days that Spain, among other countries, has been declared a Covid high-risk area, IAAPA has not yet made a clear announcement. On behalf of our member companies, who are also exhibitors at the trade fairs, I appeal to those responsible at IAAPA EMEA to make an unequivocal statement and decision without any further delay, but NOW. We are in the middle of the summer holidays here in Germany and in other European countries; it needs no further explanation what it means for exhibitors, stand builders, transport companies, etc., to still not have 100% planning certainty or ‘green light’ eight weeks before the start of the fair.”

The VDV President sees another serious problem in a possibly far too low number of visitors, especially in Barcelona, due to the situation. “To be honest, to date I know no one from the generally loyal group of international trade visitors who plan to visit the trade fair this year; possible entry hurdles such as quarantine obligations or possibly access or contact restrictions are, to my impression, keeping many interested parties from visiting the Expo this time,” says Schwarzkopf, who urgently claims a clear statement and decision from IAAPA. (eap)