06 Aug 2021

USA: Meow Wolf Announces Opening Date for Third Permanent Exhibition in Denver

©Kate RussellAfter opening its first permanent exhibition “House of Eternal Return“ in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008 and the second location “Omega Mart“ in Las Vegas on February 18th, 2021 (see EAP 3/2021), the Meow Wolf art collective will soon open its third destination “Convergence Station“ in Denver, Colorado. As of September 17th, visitors will be able to dive into the colorful Meow Wolf universe and explore the numerous labyrinthine mysteries behind walls, portals and wormholes.

Behind this exhibition there is a crazy background story: 25 years ago a cosmic event merged four worlds from different universes and initiated that every resident lost their memories and four women disappeared. Guest will go on a search for those women and experience vibrant areas such as kaleidoscopic cathedrals, Corinthian catacombs, lush alien habitats, and dazzling and gritty cityscapes.

“Denver’s art scene is active and vibrant, making it the perfect place for our next exhibition. Convergence Station is Meow Wolf’s third permanent immersive experience, and it will truly change the way you look at art. This exhibition is unlike anything you’ve ever seen… from The Swamp to The Cathedral – there’s a strong narrative to be uncovered should you choose, alongside truly mind-bending art from the many talented creatives that have worked so hard to bring the vision to life. We can’t wait for everyone to explore,” said Chadney Everett, Executive Creative Director of Meow Wolf Denver. Meow Wolf has worked with over 110 Colorado-based collaborating artists and more than 200 internal artists for over three years to realise the 79 unique projects for Convergence Station. (eap)