03 Sep 2021

France: Worlds of Pixar: Newly Created Themed Area at Walt Disney Studios

With “Cars ROAD TRIP” (formerly “Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic”) a new Pixar attraction was opened at the Walt Disney Studios park at Disneyland Paris this summer (cp. EAP issue 5/2021). The attraction can be found in the newly created “Worlds of Pixar” theme area which combines existing attractions (from “Toy Story Playland”, “Place de Rémy”, and attractions related to “Cars” and “Finding Nemo”) and includes new Pixar-themed offerings and experiences.

A total of seven Pixar attractions are featured in the new, renamed area, including “Crush’s Coaster” and “Ratatouille: The Adventure”, which were previously part of the “Toon Studio” theme area, as well as the “Bistrot Chez Remy” restaurant and the new “Laugh ‘n’Go!” food truck near Cars ROAD TRIP. Furthermore, newly created photo areas invite guests to take Instagram-worthy shots. New Pixar backdrops and decorations, as well as themed merchandise kiosks and more F&B options round out the experience. The repositioned Toon Studio area, which still houses “Aladdin’s Flying Carpet”, “Animagique Theater” and “Animation Celebration”, will remain in the Toon Studio zone for now.

The creation of the “Worlds of Pixar” is part of the ongoing transformation of the theme park, which will see the creation of four core zones. The new themed areas will also include “Avengers Campus”, which is still under construction and scheduled to be opened already next spring. (eap)