07 Sep 2021

Canada: Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed – Multimedia Nighttime Show Brings History of a Powerplant to Life

They are one of the most famous waterfalls on earth, Niagara Falls, located between the USA and Canada. Already at the end of July, a new landmark was added to the popular tourist destination with the opening of the “Niagara Parks Power Station”. This is the historic, decommissioned 1905 hydroelectric power station that once served to generate electricity on the Niagara River (until 2005) and has now been transformed into a modern visitor attraction as part of ta ten-year investment program with support from the Canadian Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Cultural Industries and a 25 million Canadian Dollar investment provided by the Ontario government.

Since last Friday, visitors to the Niagara Parks Power Station have also been able to experience “Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed”, a new nighttime show designed and produced by Thinkwell’s Studio in Montréal, that focuses on the transformation of water in electricity. The core element of the multisensory experience is a 40-minute projection mapping and light show, accompanied by sound, using 23 projectors and 35 loudspeakers inside the building. (eap)