14 Apr 2007

Neumarkt/Bavaria: “Tschu-Tschu-Bahnen” Saved

In March it became known that the insolvent H. Sichler Tschu-Tschu Bahnen (choo-choo trains) had been saved from bankruptcy. Operations are to continue without interruption under new ownership. Tschu-Tschu initiated insolvency proceedings at the end of November 2006. The Neumarkt company, which has manufactured locomotives, wagons and complete trains on tracks for parks, zoos and other public attractions for around 20 years, is now operating under the name of “Road Trains Tschu-Tschu GmbH”. Oliver Dürr of Switzerland has been appointed managing director. The firm is now a subsidiary of Bartholet Machinenbau AG (BMF) based in Flums, Switzerland. BMF – its subsidiary “Bear Rides AG” is particularly well known in the leisure industry - supplies products to leisure attractions and theme parks. Managing Director Roland Bartholet says of the new acquisition: “We are quite at home in the air with cable cars and ski lifts, have a presence in water with our slides, and now we roll on tracks and are running on wheels with Tschu-Tschu. We are not only going to keep the headquarters in Neumarkt, but also invest in production.” (eap)