15 Oct 2021

Germany: YULLBE GO Pop-up Store at Skyline Plaza Frankfurt Now Open

Frankfurt’s Skyline Plaza retail centre now features a new entertainment offering: A YULLBE GO pop-up store for individual VR experiences. The LBE attraction is based on the free-roaming VR experience concept for single users developed by MackNeXT, as it can also be tried out at Europa-Park Resort, alongside the YULLBE PRO experience for groups (read our cover story in EAP 6/2020).

Guests at the YULLBE GO pop-up store in Frankfurt are equipped with VR goggles (model: “PICO NEO II” with 4K resolution, headphones & microphone) and a PICO hand controller so they can immerse themselves in virtual worlds. A special camera is integrated into the VR goggles – QR codes placed at various points in the room are automatically scanned by the camera, what allows for exact position tacking of the users in the room. The offer is available from the age of twelve years, with a current choice of five different contents such as “Traumatica”, “Ed & Edda – The Hunt for the Magic Sceptre” and the art experience “Artiality”. The experiences last ten minutes each, and several individual users can move around the room at the same time.

Further YULLBE installations have already been announced, including one that is being developed in cooperation with the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg – read more in our upcoming EAP issue no. 6/21, which will be published on 1 November. (eap)