21 Oct 2021

Germany: Side-by-Side with “Amber Blake“ – New YULLBE Action Content to Be Launched in Spring 2022

With “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly“, YULLBE – the VR LBE-attraction at Europa-Park – will add one more experience to its content portfolio. The interactive adventure will invite guests, who are at least 16 years old, to go on a hunt for a mysterious villain side-by-side with agent “Amber Blake“. Players will be able to experience an immersive 3D agent thriller through the full body tracking, free roaming technology. Besides a VR helmet as well as hand and foot trackers, guests will have additional features such as gadgets to carry around in the room, which create an even more immersive adventure. The 30-minute-lasting experience for the YULLBE PRO multi-player system, which is based on the comic IP, will be available as of spring 2022. (eap)