31 Jan 2007

Universum Bremen: Construction Work for Expansion Begins


In the next few months, Bremen’s tourist magnet will be supplemented with a pavilion for new exhibition space and an outdoor area with numerous experimental stations. The new discovery park is scheduled to open this summer. The new outdoor premises will comprise 5,000 square metres and have a near-natural appearance. In the future, visitors can explore different landscape elements at the discovery park. In addition, there will around 25 interactive stations on the subject of movement. A roughly 30-metre high “tower of airs” is to be the discovery park’s landmark. With 2,700 square metres of surface space on three storeys, the cubic pavilion will offer room for its own exhibitions or special shows from third parties, as well as a range of culinary offers, a shop, multifunctional rooms, and offices for the management team. The Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is allocating 5.9 million euros in funds to the construction work and planning. (eap)