15 Jan 2007

Templin: NaturTherme Saved and Re-Opened


After around eight months of construction, the NaturTherme (nature spa) in Templin (Uckermark/Germany) opened to the public again on the 23rd of December 2006. In mid-2005, the thermal spa that had opened just six years before was already faced with bankruptcy. Botched-up construction work and a number of planning and management errors in the past were apparently the main reasons for the spa’s financial disorder. In April 2006, the facility was then closed for extensive re-construction and remodelling work. According to information from “rbb online”, construction cost over eight million euros in total. Management expects over a quarter of a million guests this coming year. The spa is provided with health-beneficial brine water for the salt baths from a depth of 1,700 metres. (eap)