19 Nov 2021

USA: Brass Ring Awards 2021: Numerous Exhibitors Awarded

Der Impact-Award ging an die Firma Wiegand für das CoasterKart Already last week IAAPA announced some winners of this year’s “Brass Ring Awards” (cf. EAP news of 8 Nov 2021). Meanwhile also the winners of the “Brass Ring Exhibitor Awards 2021” are known. This year‘s winners include the Dutch manufacturer Vekoma, which was awarded for the development of its Flying Launch Coaster “F.L.Y.“, which was opened in Germany’s Phantasialand in 2020, with the award for “Best New Product: Major/Ride Attraction – Product cost of more than US$5 million“ (see EAP 1/2021).

German company Wiegand not only received a Brass Ring as “Best New Product: Major/Ride Attraction – Product cost of less than US$2 million“ for the development of its “CoasterKart“ (cf. EAP 5/2020), but have also received the “Impact Award“. The Kaiserslautern-based company VR Coaster received a Brass Ring for “Best New Product: Virtual reality“ for the implementation of the YULLBE attraction at Europa-Park (see EAP 1/2021). Mack Rides did not go away empty-handed this year either. The company received the award for “Best New Product Concept Award – Major Ride/Attraction“ for its “The Rocking Boat“, a prototype of which can be seen the new edition of the family adventure “Pirates in Batavia“ at Europa-Park (see EAP 5/2020).

Among the water attraction manufacturers, ProSlide received the award for the best “Water Park Ride/Attraction“ for its “Launched Duelling Water Coaster“. This year’s “Image Award“ went to Daniels Wood Land.

An overview of all winners can be found here.