18 Dec 2006

Erlebnisbad Karlsruhe


The “centrally located” Erlebnisbad Karlsruhe (“adventure bath” of Karlsruhe) has been under construction since April 2006 and should open to the public in October 2007. Investments amount to approximately 25 million euros and may not exceed this amount. The shutdown of old municipal bath facilities around the city shall go hand-in-hand with the new development. There had been some fierce and controversial discussions about this within the community and at the political level. Due to both ecological considerations and financial reasons (to keep operative costs down), special attention was paid to regenerative heat recovery and the use of recuperative heat exchangers and heat pump cycles. We will be bringing you a detailed report on the entire concept behind the new Karlsruhe Erlebnisbad pool facility in the next print issue of EAP 1/2007. (eap)