15 Oct 2006

Insolvency: Minimundus Bodensee


At Minimundus Bodensee (Lake Constance), the number of visitors continues to lag far behind the estimated figures of 300,000 visitors p.a. that were originally expected after the opening phase. The Minimundus management board was therefore recently forced to file bankruptcy. The facility, which opened in May 2005 right near the Ravensburger Spieleland, has only had around 80,000 visitors up to now. The park will stay open – talks with new investors have already been held. With roughly 350,000 visitors annually, Minimundus Klagenfurt in Austria has had much more success than the German spin-off. “Italiana en Miniatura” (Rimini) is already on board as one of the investors for the 14.4 million euro expensive project at Lake Constance. There are some rather speculative considerations as to what extent the Ravensburger Spieleland will get involved with Minimundus in order to offer an interesting themed area for the older generation. (eap)