14 Jan 2022

Germany: New Virtual Snorkeling Experience at Center Parcs Allgäu

© Virtual Reality Slide

In the Aqua Mundo water park at Center Parcs Allgäu in Germany, which opened in 2018 (cf. EAP 6/2019), guests can now try out a virtual snorkeling experience in addition to the existing “real“ snorkeling offer in the snorkeling pool with tropical fish that can be observed behind glass windows in their aquariums.

The novelty is the VR snorkeling system by Virtual Reality Slide from the Netherlands, which we introduced in our EAP Online News of November 17, 2020: Guests who would like to try out the new offer get equipped with a VR headset that integrates a smartphone and a snorkel (several units are available). A harness-weights device keeps them in place during their experience to avoid accidental collisions with other swimmers in the pool. So, in addition to the fish in the snorkeling pool, other underwater worlds can now also be discovered at Aqua Mundo. (eap)