17 Dec 2005

TIVOLILAND: Bye bye Franck Bo Lind


Franck Bo Lind, one of the senior park directors in Europe, has taken leave of Tivoliland and transferred his park – the owner of which he was since 1968 – to Torben “Traesko” Pedersen and his family on 1 December 2005. Tivoli in Aalborg had been in possession of the Lind family since 1946. In 1959 Franck Bo Lind joined the family company at the operative management level, and later took over the park in 1968 when his father retired. He is now 70 years old himself, and the park has just closed off its 60th season. We wish Franck Bo Lind many healthful and happy years to come – they’re sure to be a bit quieter without the park!

Torben “Traesko” Pedersen is well known in Denmark as the longstanding, dynamic director of the Bakken Circus Revue. With his background of rich experience, he’s the best guarantor for the successful continuation of Tivoliland. (eap)