24 Aug 2015

China: Two New Multimedia Shows at Romon U-Park

One year ago, Germany’s Emotion Media Factory, known for its multimedia show installations, announced the creation of two shows for Romon U-Park, located in the south of Ningbo, China (cf. EAP, issue 5/2014). Meanwhile, the 20-minutes shows are enjoyed by people of all age groups. In both cases, Emotion Media Factory was responsible for all aspects of project planning, from idea development through design, simulation and installation to full show and music production. The shows “The Source of Light” and “The Story of Zheng He” include different multimedia effects like video projection mapping, laser beams, digital water screen, fire effects, lights and fog. For the two projects, Emotion Media Factory produced individually composed music scores combined with multi-track sound effects. Covering an area of 200,000 square meters, Romon indoor park features six themed lands including in total 30 attractions, e.g. several Intamin steel coasters and an X-Car coaster delivered by Maurer. Read more about the gigantic project in one of our next EAP issues. (eap)