06 Mar 2017

Switzerland: Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel Attracts Visitors with „Living Windows“

Foto: Sven Beham© Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

As an add-on to the special exhibition “The Girl and the Sea”, which can be seen at Switzerland’s Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel until April 2nd this year, pedestrians can already catch a first glimpse of the exhibition from outside the building.

Thanks to digital sensor field technology, visitors just touch the virtual curtain to see the images below, presenting the exhibition’s three theme areas. On large LED screens, the interactive images mainly show sea animals – by the simple swipe of a finger, a fish swarm can be moved, for example. The concept design of the installation was created by Gimmick Studios AG, all laser and camera sensors as well as the interactive content’s programming were supplied by Germany’s vertigo systems. (eap)