27 Apr 2018

Polin Establishes Holding in Company Restructure

Polin Waterparks, founded in 1976 and primarily known for equipping water parks with water slides and water play structures, is repositioning itself. The company announced that it has reached a milestone in its history with the recent establishment of Polin Holding, gathering all company entities under the brand name of Polin Group. All companies and brands belonging to Polin Group (cp. EAP 1/18) will be housed under one of the four main umbrellas of “Amusement Attractions“, “Composites Manufacturing“, “Park Development“ and “Funtastic Parks“.

“This change recognizes the new role that our company plays in the global amusement industry today,“ says Dr. Baris Pakis, President of the Polin Holding. “Our company is a worldwide and recognized leader in the market. Many know us as the ‘game changer‘ due to our innovation and success in completing 3,000 waterpark projects in 105 countries. We expect that our company can become even more successful in the future.“

The aim of founding the holding company and restructuring is to further expand the profitability, efficiency and reach of the group through new integrated solutions in the future. Polin Holding is headed by Dr. Baris Pakis as President and Basar Pakis as CEO of the Group. In addition, Dr. Kubilay Alpdogan, previoulsy Director of Sales and Design, was recently promoted to General Manager of Polin Waterparks. Bilge Pakis, who has worked for Polin Waterparks as Design Manager for 13 years, has been appointed Director of Sales and Design. (eap)