11 Jan 2019

USA: SeaWorld San Diego Announces New Dive Coaster – “Mako” to Open in 2020

Yesterday, SeaWorld San Diego marine theme park in California has announced to build a new dive coaster: “Mako” is set to open in 2020 and will be “California’s highest, fastest and longest rollercoaster”, according to the park. As with equally named “Mako” hyper coaster in SeaWorld Orlando (cf. EAP 4/2016), the design and theming of the new ride will be inspired by a mako shark and its fast, smooth movements.

Highlights of the track will include a 90-degree drop, a number of inversions (including an Immelmann looping) and a barrel roll element. Directly at the beginning of the ride experience, the coaster track leads up to 47 meters in height, where the 18-passenger train will tilt forward by 45 degrees and rush 44 meters in the depth. The ride from Switzerland’s Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) will be erected in the southeastern part of SeaWorld San Diego, featuring a total track length of 762 meters. (eap)