21 Feb 2019

France: Futuroscope Kicks-Off New Season & Launches New “Planet Power” Documentary Film

France’s Futuroscope edutainment park, which has already started into the new season earlier this month, enthuses its visitors with the presentation of the new “Planet Power” 3D documentary, which can be seen in the park’s “Studio 16” (during the week) and "Kinémax" (during the weekends) theaters. The film production from NED Land Films (directed by Pascal Vuong and Ronan Chapalain), distributed by Brussels/Belgium-based nWave Pictures, is about the history of electricity and the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources (cf. our EAS preview report in EAP 5/18).

In addition, the park has launched a new photo exhibition with the title “L’Oiseau solaire et l’oiseau des mers” (Engl.: “The solar bird & the sea bird”), which is also dedicated to the theme of renewable energies. 56 large-size pictures from photographer Francis Demange tell the story of the “Solar Impulse” airplane project initiated by Betrand Piccard and André Borschberg from Switzerland. The project, which is also part of the documentary film Planet Power, aims at the development of environmentally-friendly motorized aeroplanes without the need of fuel.

With expanded edutainment offerings, Futuroscope plans to focus on green energy in the future even more. Read in our Park Report in the upcoming March/April issue what else is coming up at European theme and amusement parks this year. (eap)