11 Mar 2010

New Amusement Park Opens in Italy

The opening of the new 600,000 square meter (150 acres) amusement park Rainbow MagicLand will take place in Valmontone, near Rome, in April 2011. The Italian companies Alfa Park and Rainbow develop the project whereas the 300 million Euros come from private investors. Amongst 35 rides there will be a Launch Coaster and an Indoor Spinning Coaster from Maurer Sohne, a Disk’O Coaster from Zamperla as well as a Mine Train Coaster, a Family Coaster, the attractions “Mad House” and “Flying Island” from Vekoma. Furthermore, a planetarium, a River Rapids Raft Ride, two theaters and an ice stadium are planned. Guests will have the possibility to choose between 28 different catering offers. In late future, a golf course, sport areas and a hotel are designated to be built. Three million visitors are expected per year. (eap)