14 May 2019

Netherlands: Efteling’s “PandaDroom“ 4D Theater to Receive New Name & Film Content

Efteling has announced to invest around 3.5 million Euros in the refurbishment of its existing “PandaDroom” 4D theater, which was opened at the park in 2002 in the frameworks of a cooperation with the Dutch section of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), showing a film about the fragility of nature. Now, the theater attraction is set to receive a new name and 3D film content, which will be combined with its existing special effects technology (including water, wind & scent effects).

By the end of this year, the attraction will welcome visitors under its new name of “Fabula”, showing a new 3D film production featuring a pre- and main show of eight minutes each. The film’s storyline deals with a grouchy bear and a bold squirrel visiting other animals’ habitats, learning to adapt themselves and respect others. The film, which is produced by British Aardman company, will not contain any spoken language to also attract international guests. Also, it will be shorter than the current film content, increasing the attraction’s capacity.

In addition to the 4D theater itself, the connected “Octopus” restaurant and souvenir shop will also see refurbishments. The restaurant will be expanded by additional seats indoors and outdoors and there will be a new menu including dishes based on fresh, sustainable ingredients as well as vegan food (read more about the latest F&B trends in our current EAP issue no. 3/2019). (eap)