12 Jun 2019

Germany: Giant Seismosaurus Model Attracts Visitors to Dinosaur Park Teufelsschlucht

Foto: Elke Wagner

Germany’s Dinosaurierpark Teufelsschlucht, which is located near the border of Luxemburg, has continually developed into an attractive excursion destination since its opening in 2015 (cf. our report in EAP 4/2015). Last year, the park launched the “PaleoLab” station for scientific fossil preparation, which turned into a success among visitors. Now, a new giant dinosaur model rises above the park grounds: A Seismosaurus with a length of 45 meters and a height of 8.50 meters, making it the largest dinosaur model in Europe, according to the park.

The giant creature lived in the Jurassic period, bones of a specimen were found in New Mexico/USA. Based on the data provided by American paleontologist David Gillette, Germany’s Bernd Wolter Design company designed a life-size replica of the dinosaur, which was delivered in eleven individual parts to the park and erected there with the aid of a 70-ton crane. The Seismosaurus model will be part of the exhibition until November this year.

Along the two-kilometer-long park circuit, visitors can marvel at 160 different animal models from 620 million years of earth history. (eap)