21 Jun 2019

Denmark: Tivoli Gardens Reveals Construction Plans for New Hotel

So soll Tivolis neues H. C. Andersen Hotel aussehen ...

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens amusement park has revealed its plans to build a new 18-storey hotel on the H. C. Andersen Boulevard, directly opposite the City Hall. The project was presented in public for the first time this week. Under the name of H. C. Andersen Hotel, the new building is being planned by Danish Bjarke Ingels Group architectural firm. The project also includes the refurbishment of “Tivoli Castle”, which was built in 1893 and is currently used for MICE events.

Bjarke Ingels explains: “[…] A truly cosmopolitan neighborhood in the heart of the Danish capital, Tivoli’s cultural and bio-diversity is unlike any other place in Copenhagen. With a renovation of the 1893 Tivoli Castle and the addition of a new building, we have attempted to capture and accentuate the character of the existing castle, creating  new typology inspired by Tivoli’s archetypical architecture. A hybrid between the garden’s pagodas, pavilions and towers, our proposal builds a bridge between the city’s history and present […],” says Ingels. Lars Liebst, CEO of Tivoli, adds: “Only through projects such as this can Tivoli stay relevant for future visitors. It has been proven time and time again, that depending on Tivoli’s historic charm is not enough. Change is in Tivoli’s DNA, it is our heritage […].”

In addition to the hotel project, Tivoli has plans for a collaboration with the urban design consultancy Gehl to turn a part of Copenhagen’s Vesterbrogade shopping boulevard into an over 10,000 square meter large urban recreational space that will also serve as a buffer area for big events on City Hall Square and in Tivoli.

The next step for both projects is to make the final proposals and subject them to the municipality. There will also be a period for public hearings, an opening date for either of the projects has not been set yet. (eap)