19 Jan 2010

TEA for the Heineken Experience


At the 2009 IAAPA Show in Las Vegas in November, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) announced the Heineken Experience as recipient of the “Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Brand Experience”. The Heineken Experience which, as a visitor information centre, has been one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Netherlands since 2001 (we reported in EAP issue 2/2009) receives this award for its outstanding product. “We feel honoured and proud by winning the Thea Award and I thank everyone who contributed to the new Heineken Experience project, especially the project team from BRC Imagination Arts, for making the experience a great success”, says Hans Maris, Manager of the Heineken Experience. BRC has been responsible for the design of the new brand experience. The awards will be presented at the 16th annual Thea Awards Gala in California on 6 March 2010. (eap)