11 Jul 2019

Netherlands: New Interactive Exhibition at Efteling Museum

Netherland´s Efteling theme park recently opened a new temporary hands-on exhibition in its related museum, inviting visitors to learn more about the fairytales which can be found in the "fairytale forest" of the park. Currently, the fairytale forest consists of 29 fairytales, among them “Hansel and Gretel”, “Mother Holle” or “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. In addition, the new exhibition already provides an insight into the new, thirtieth fairytale “The Six Swans” by Brothers Grimm, which is still under construction.

Olaf Vugts, creative director of Efteling, explains: “The installation of the 30th fairytale was an occasion for us to dedicate the new exhibition to all of our 30 stories. Although the opening of ‘The Six Swans’ will not take place until in a few months, you can already find out something about it in the exhibition.”

Guests are invited by a storyteller to play with him. He explains the rules of the game in four different languages. There are 30 glass cases located in the show room, in which visitors can find one object that matches one of the fairytales of the park. With the help of buttons and a map of the fairytale forest, guests try to connect the objects to the fairytales correctly.

For more information about exhibition architecture read our exhibition design special in the current EAP-issue 4/2019. (eap)