01 Aug 2019

Switzerland: Groundbreaking for New Ticiland Amusement Park

Two days ago, the groundbreaking for Ticiland – a new amusement park scheduled to open in September 2020 – took place in Stein am Rhein, a Swiss community located west of Lake Constance and thus near the German border.

Behind the project are the two founders Markus Mack-Even, who played an integral part in the development & management team of Dubai’s IMG Worlds of Adventure indoor theme park complex opened three years ago (cf. EAP 1/17), and the Swiss showman Peter Hablützel. The planned new park, the theming of which will be based on the Swiss Tecino region, will cover an area the size of a soccer field. Most of the future attractions will be installed in a hall for continuous winter operation. A rollercoaster, bumper cars, slides and several turntable rides will be part of the future offer for visitors. On its outdoor grounds, Ticiland will feature a “Formula 1 race track” for kids, which can be driven on with electric cars, as well as a water carousel.

On average, future visitors are expected to spend three to five hours in the park, which will mostly appeal to the two- to 14-year-old age group. The founders plan to invest some 15 million francs (approx. 13.7 million Euros) into the new leisure facility, the construction of which will create about 60 new jobs in the long term. (eap)