05 Sep 2019

GB: Trial Phase for Autonomous Mini Robot at Alton Towers Resort

A pilot project for an autonomously driving mini robot, initiated by Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) and German software developer TeleRetail, was recently launched at British Alton Towers Resort for a test phase during the park’s peak season.

The small, self-driving robot vehicle, which is controlled by TeleRetail’s “AitoTM“ software and equipped with GPS technology and various sensors, collects products from the Alton Towers distribution centre to deliver them to drink outlets across the park. With a speed of around 4.8 km/h (3 mph), the small vehicle is able to reach distances of up to 50 kilometers at a time, maneuvering safely around pedestrians and obstacles. Integrated laser sensors measure the distance between the robot and objects in its vicinity so that possible collisions are avoided by stopping the vehicle in time. The test phase at Alton Towers Resort is intended to enable further development of the software to make it suitable for larger vehicles in the future.    

“Our business has been built on innovation so we’re thrilled to be hosting this trial. […] If the trial is successful, there are many potential applications for this technology at Alton Towers. Who knows, in the future guests may be able to order drinks from the queue line to be delivered by robots when they finish a ride, or we could see automated room service deliveries across our 700 hotel rooms. The possibilities are huge,” comments Neil Crittenden, Commercial Director at Alton Towers Resort. (eap)