06 Sep 2019

Germany: New, Interactive “Futurium“ Museum Opened in Berlin

After four years of construction work the new Futurium Museum –  a “house of futures“ – opened in Berlin yesterday. The 3,000 square meter museum is seperated in three large “thinking spaces“ – humans, nature and technique – in which it presents potential futures from different areas of life that visitors can explore and discuss. “There is no ‘one’ future. There are as many conceivable futures as there are people on this earth who dream about tomorrow and beyond. Our decisions in the present point the way forward to one future or another,” explains Dr. Gabriele Zipf, Head of Exhibitions.

Futurium’s permanent exhibition is designed as a fluid exhibition, with change being an inherent part of the exhibition design itself. The “Futurium Lab“, which is euipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and soldering irons, but also with a range of robots and microcontrollers, offers the guests an interactive experience with experiments, electrical kits or creative design tasks on the exhibition topics. Dr. Stefan Brand, Director of the Futurium, explains: “Our vision is to make this house of futures a place for everyone – a venue that is open, imaginative and close to people’s real lives. We can all do our bit to shape a sustainable future. […] What is important is that we have a mutual exchange of ideas on questions about the future and are prepared to get involved.“

The cost of 58 million euro was financed by the German department of education and research as well as several partners from science economy. To make the new museum experience available for as many people as possible, admission is free for the next three years. (eap)