19 Sep 2019

Germany: BadeLand Wolfsburg with Extensive Renovation Works

During this summer BadeLand Wolfsburg invested large amounts in renovating its sauna area, the pools‘ filter system and illumination. The renewal of the filter system started with sucking off the quartz gravel and filtering charcoal from all filters and refill them afterwards. In the around 108,000 euro investment the exchange of 3,400 filter nozzles was also included. To considerably reduce the energy consumption (-60%) and the carbonic dioxide emission (-74,6t) BadeLand invested 237,000 euros and exchanged the obsolete pool illumination by replacing it with LED modules.

The renovation of the sauna area‘s drinking water system, including the exchange of all pipes, started in June. All construction works – the extension and technical improvement of the Banja-Sauna, the construction of a new shower area as well as roof and floor reparations – are supposed to be completed by the end of October. “The city of Wolfsburg is continuously reconstructing BadeLand to keep the pool attractive for residents and guests from outside the town. We are happy to welcome young and old visitors at the pools of our city,“ says Monika Müller, Deputy Mayor Sports oft he city of Wolfsburg. (eap)