30 Sep 2019

France: Futuroscope Unveils Details of First Rollercoaster at the Park

A whopping 20 million Euro are being invested by French theme park Futuroscope in the construction of the park’s very first rollercoaster ride – the biggest investment of the park since its opening. Now first details about the rollercoaster experience, which will be realized in collaboration with Intamin, have been unveiled: The family-friendly coaster will be running under the name of “Objectif Mars”, meaning “Mars Mission”, and send visitors into an aerospace training center to become the astronauts of tomorrow.

The ride – featuring indoor and outdoor sections as well as certain effects unique in France – will take 170 seconds, and guests will reach speeds of up to 55 km/h. The four trains can accommodate twelve passengers each, leading to a theoretical hourly capacity of 1,000 persons. The opening of the coaster novelty is scheduled for 28 March 2020. (eap)