06 Nov 2019

Germany: Hamburg’s Holthusenbad Sauna Receives Premium Seal of Quality

The Deutsche Sauna-Bund e.V. (German Sauna Association) recently awarded the sauna of Hamburg’s Holthusenbad with a 5-star certification for its quality, diversity and service. The 105-year-old pool facility provides guests with extensive sauna and wellness offerings in a golden twenties design. In 2018 the sauna of the Bäderland Festland indoor pool, which is also located in Hamburg and is well-known for its modern, urban style and a generous roof deck, was awarded with the same premium certification mark. Bäderland Hamburg GmbH operates around 30 indoor pool, thermal spa and sauna locations in Hamburg, which are visited by four million guests every year.

Dirk Schumaier, general manager of Bäderland Hamburg, underlines: “We are very proud to now offer two 5-star premium saunas to the city of Hamburg. Excellent service and a professionally operated facility are among the main characteristics of our saunas. In addition to this, we created a particularly extensive sauna experience at Festland as well as at Holthusenbad, where guests are able to linger and relax.“ (eap)