15 Nov 2019

Netherlands: Museum Rotterdam Shows “Girlpower“ Exhibition


The Museum Rotterdam currently presents the interactive “Girlpower“ exhibition, which shows the stories of internationally successful Rotterdam women and girls in sports. The exhibition was opened by the ten-year-old Dutch world champion of kickboxing, Amira Thari, during an opening ceremony on 12 November. The overall design of the exhibition, including all visual and interactive stations, was created by Amsterdam-based NorthernLight company. Directed to young women and girls, the exhibition also shows the history of the emancipation of women in sports and the evolution of sportswear. Other central themes are the stories of internationally successful Olympic and Paralympic female athletes from Rotterdam.

The urban look and feel, iconic photography, empowering activating videos and quotes, and playfully designed interactive sport courts in the exhibition are supposed to motivate visitors to do more sports. After their visit, guests can sign themselves up on site for one of Rotterdam‘s sports clubs for free. The exhibition will end on 8 March 2020. (eap)